We are very excited to announce that we will be working with new skincare brand Verso! 

Verso is a powerful anti-aging skincare collection created by Lars Fredriksson, who was behind skincare brands such as Restylane Skincare and award winning Swedish Skincare System. Verso is latin and means reverse. Containing Retinol 8 (Vitamin A Complex), this unique & patented formula increases the production of collagen, which fills out the skin, effectively reversing signs of aging.  It is the first non-prescription high dose Vitamin A derivative that can be used safely in the day time. Verso is 8 times more potent than other retinol products and is clinically proven to strengthen the skin barrier, smooth wrinkles and reduce pigmentation. The collection contains no colourants, parabens or mineral oils. 

The Verso range is available from Selfridges, selected Space.NK stores & online, John Lewis Concept Stores & online and Cult Beauty.