Fashion bible Vogue has declared the top eight anti-ageing skincare ingredients every woman should know about by the age of 30 and Swedish skincare brand Verso includes all of them!

In the article, Sherry Ingraham, M.D., advises that ''when you're buying a product, absolutely read the label and know what you're looking for" to best prepare your skin for the ageing process. She lists niacinamide (a Vitamin B) and retinol (a Vitamin A derivative) amongst the key ingredients to look out for. 

Verso's skincare regime contains Retinol 8, a unique formula designed to increase the production of collagen, which fills out the skin, effectively reversing the signs of ageing. Verso is eight times more potent than other retinol products and is clinically proven to strengthen the skin barrier, smooth wrinkles and reduce pigmentation. The collection contains no colourants, parabens or mineral oils.