Burt and his bees are just the beginning of an incredible journey that started in 1984. Some leftover beeswax, a lip balm recipe from a farmer’s almanac and an industry altering philosophy were enough to launch a natural movement.

To celebrate 30 years of natural beauty, here are 30 things you may not know about Burt's Bees…

  1. Burt became enamoured with nature in 1948 when he attended Tahako Camp on Sebago Lake in Maine. Just after college Burt joined the US army and went to Germany, where he became an army photographer.
  2. Burt is not only a beekeeper and founder of a global beauty brand. He began his career as a photojournalist, contributing regularly to Time Life.
  3. Burt attended the first Earth Day Celebration in Central Park in 1970.
  4. In the early 70s Burt applied for a grant to study the environmental effects of pollution on the Hudson River Valley. It was there Burt met his beekeeper ‘guru’ who gave him his first hive.
  5. Back in 1984, Burt had a turkey coop he’d converted into a humble home. He had chickens and a small business selling honey from the bees he kept on his property. It was those bees that started it all.
  6. Where is Burt now? His life is refreshingly similar to before that first lip balm hit the market. Burt is now retired and no longer a beekeeper, but he still lives on the same land in Maine where the brand got its start 30 years ago. His profound respect for and belief in nature are reminders of what Burt’s Bees® stands for to this day.
  7. In the summer of 1984 Burt met artist Roxanne Quimby when she was hitchhiking a ride home in Maine. Roxanne became intrigued by his story of honeybees and together they created a booming candle business from Burt’s leftover beeswax.
  8. Burt used to label his hives “Burt’s Bees” to prevent them being stolen. This is how we got our brand name!
  9. As their candle business thrived, Burt and Roxanne started to think about moving into other products. In 1991, they began with something familiar – a lip balm made form the same nourishing beeswax that fuelled the beginnings of their small company.
  10. The first lip balm was made in a small clay pot, which eventually took residence in a small yellow tube.
  11. Every year more than 11 million Burt’s Bees® lip balms make their way into the purses and pockets of people all around the world. That’s enough lip balms to stretch across 6,000 football fields (that’s American football fields just in case you’re wondering).
  12. Our approximately 170 Burt’s Bees® products were on average 99% natural in 2012, with over 50% at 100% natural.
  13. Burt’s Bees® have a complex supply chain sourcing more than 400 ingredients from more than 60 countries.
  14. We’ve committed ourselves to making the world a little greener, a little cleaner, by doing what bees do best: working hard on natural products that people love – and leaving only goodness behind.
  15. We send zero waste to landfills. We can proudly say that, with over 350 employees in three facilities, not a single piece of rubbish goes to the dump.
  16. Then there is our energy conservation and water reclamation efforts. A sophisticated reverse osmosis system has allowed Burt’s Bees to reuse over 700,000 gallons of water at our manufacturing plant since 2010.
  17. The labels on Burt’s Bees® lip balm tubes are printed using vegetable-based ink.
  18. We have saved 8.4 million miles of transit by labelling our own Tinted Lip Balms.
  19. 1,400 miles of shrink wrap have been eliminated, per year, by rethinking tamper evident labels on our Lip Balms and Lip Shimmers. That’s enough to wrap the Statue of Liberty 100 times!
  20. On average, Burt’s Bees® employees dedicate 5,000 hours to community service each year.
  21. Burt’s Bees knows natural body care solutions from head-to-toe and operates with The Greater GoodTM top of mind. No phthalates, parabens, petrolatum or SLS.
  22. We like animals! That’s why we have never tested our products on them. The leaping bunny says so.
  23. Your skin is your largest organ. It needs nutrients to survive, to build strong defence systems, to heal and protect itself and to stay healthy and in balance. Natural ingredients contain vitamins, amino acids, omega oils, essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants – things you need to keep your skin healthy and looking it’s best.
  24. Our formulations support your skin with nutrients it needs and none of the chemicals it doesn’t.
  25. How do we get to these formulas? A process we call Kitchen Chemistry – that’s simple processes like heating and mixing as well as distillation and extraction to maintain the purity of the natural ingredients. The ingredients in our lab sit in bowls, not test tubes. What we serve up is as thoughtful as any home-cooked meal, and it tastes just as good to your skin.
  26. Each of our products has been carefully formulated to sustain your skin’s equilibrium of temperature, moisture, and nutrients. So when you buy Burt’s Bees® products for their wonderful natural ingredients – from Clary Sage to Chamomile, Aloe to Pomegranate, Willow Bark to Beeswax – know you’re not just getting a slice of nature at its best. You’re getting science that works.
  27. Honeybees never sleep!
  28. The Queen Bee will live up to forty times longer than a worker bee!
  29. We rely on bees for nearly 1/3 of our entire food supply.
  30. Somewhere between 75% – 95% of all flowering plants on earth rely on pollination to survive.