With summer finally here we're hoping we can finally get to the beach and live out our mermaid dreams… But if that's not possible, we can at least buy these turquoise beauties from littleblackdress.co.uk that allow us to take the sea with us wherever we go. While they certainly give us exotic beach vibes, these accessories aren't just meant for the sea. With a large turquoise stone in the centre and gold and crystal accents, these pieces from littleblackdress.co.uk are suitable for adding a pop of colour to almost any summer party outfit. Personally, we can't wait to dive in and try them out!

Featured Items:

Left – Fiorelli Darcy Gold Plated and Preciosa Crystal Turquoise Necklace £32.00

Top Right – Fiorelli Darcy Gold and Preciosa Crystal Turquoise Stone Drop Earrings £32.00

Bottom Right – Fiorelli Darcy Gold Plated Turquoise Stone Ring £20.00


All available at littleblackdress.co.uk