Stuck inside during this summer heat wave? Transport your senses to sandy paradise beaches with Merci Handy’s new Hand Cleansing Gel and Refreshing Face Mist in Hello Sunshine. Imagine yourself away from the hustle and bustle of work with these sweet scented products that smell of sunscreen and tropical holidays. 

Fitting perfectly into your pocket or handbag, the hand cleansing gel protects you from unwanted dirt and bacteria whilst nourishing and hydrating your hands. The Refreshing Face Mist is perfect for cooling down and will help freshen and hydrate your skin no matter where you are. Spritz over your face to cleanse and moisturise leaving skin glowing from desk to destinations.

Merci Handy’s Hand Cleansing Gel (£2.90 / 30ml ) and Refreshing Face Mist  (£4.50 / 30ml ) in Hello Sunshine is available now from TOPSHOP stores nationwide.