‘SALON64 has been highly tailored to individuals and influencers with the traditional French salon in mind, and founder Ricky Waters worked with architects JaK Studio and creative partner Brash Brands to develop a unique beauty parlour experience. It answers the questions that Ricky’s clients constantly asked: ‘Do you have a phone charger?’ ‘Can I stay a little longer to sort out my make-up and get ready for a meeting?’ ‘Is it okay if my friend sits here while you do my hair?’ Now, the answer is always yes. “It’s like having your dressing room in the heart of Soho. You can pop in, flip up a mirror, do your make-up, order a coffee from the baristas then relax, prepare yourself for your next meeting, charge your phone and catch up with friends without having a hair stylist even touch your hair,” explains Ricky. “It’s a dynamic and flexible social hub as well as a luxury destination.”